Gear Rental

Interested in a charter tent and comfort service?
Check out Padre's Cycle Inn  - Want to avoid all of the hassles of lodging? Don't worry, Padre's Cycle Inn has you covered. You'll be front and center at Kemper Park with no need to set up a tent or leave after the show to find your hotel. And no need to search through the mountain of bags to find yours and lug it to your lodging. Padre's Cycle Inn will take all of the worries and work out of your experience. When you arrive to the park, you'll find your reserved, high-quality tent already set up for you with an air mattress inflated and your luggage delivered, safe and sound. Park your bike on Padre's bike racks. Then, have a seat in your reserved camping chair, help yourself to the complimentary snacks and refreshments, and enjoy the show. You can even charge your electronics at Padre's exclusive charging station. All you have to do is cycle in. Padre does the rest!  Click here to learn more