Free bus shuttle from the Kemper Park to the Boonville Hotels: There will be a free bus shuttle for registered particpants from Kemper Park to hotels starting at 4 pm on Saturday and ending at 11 pm. The bus will make a loop around town starting and finishing at the park. The next morning the bus will pick up patrons at the hotels starting at 7 am and ending at 9 am. Riders will need to pick up their gear at the park and transport it with them to the hotels. It will need to be dropped off at the designated pick up zone on Sunday morning by 10 am for transport back to Columbia. 

Free shuttle service heading directly to the Isle of Capri and back - There will be a special free shuttle service taking riders from Kemper Park to the Isle of Capri from 3 pm - 2 am on Saturday, May 26th and from 7 am - 11am on Sunday, May 27th. The Isle of Capri will also be offering bike self-parking in the events center.

Shuttle Bus Ride back to Columbia:
Looking for a ride back to Columbia on Sunday morning?  For what ever the reason may be there is an option to catch a ride back from Boonville.  There will be a limited number of seats available for shuttle back to Columbia on Sunday morning. Advanced reservations can be made online for $15/person. A limited number of seats will be available on Sunday morning for $15.  The Pedaler's Jamboree has built a bike hauling system for the back of a box truck that can haul up to 100 bikes per trip.  In addition to the full sized school bus for passengers we will be able to quickly move shuttle rides this year!   Estimated departure times are 8 am and 9:30 am.

Bike Check Service at Kemper Park:
An overnight bike check service will be available at Kemper Park for $5 for those who wish to have their bike secured.